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Saint David Catholic Church


St. David of Wales

King David of Israel




According to tradition, St. David was born in Wales around the year 500A.D., though the exact year is uncertain.  As a priest, he became a famous preacher and founded a number of monasteries, which flourished as a result of his leadership and good example.  He lived an extremely ascetical life, and extended this asceticism into his monastic rule.  Since his rule prohibited the eating of meat, he is also the patron saint of vegetarians.  He was reportedly consecrated archbishop by the patriarch of Jerusalem while on a visit to the Holy Land.  He died at his monastery in Menevia around the year 589, and his cult was approved in 1120 by Pope Callistus II.  His feast day is March 1. 

He is often pictured standing on a mound with a dove on his shoulder.  The legend is tt once while he was preaching, a dove descended to his shoulder and the earth rose to lift him high above the people so that he could be seen and heard. 


O God, who graciously bestowed

On your Bishop Saint David of Wales 

The virtue of wisdom 

And the gift of eloquence, 

And made him an example of prayer
And pastoral zeal;

Grant that, through his intercession, 

Your Church may ever prosper

And render you joyful praise.

Through our Lord Jesus Christ,

Your Son,

Who lives and reigns with you

In the unity of the Holy Spirit,

One God, forever and ever.



King David of the Old Testament was "anointed" (messiah in Hebrew, christos in Greek) King of Judah by the prophet Samuel (1 Sam 16:1-13; 2 Sam 2:4) and later of the United Kingdom of Judah and Israel (2 Sam 4:3), with Jerusalem as its capital.  He was a skilled military leader and ruler, as well as a musician and poet, which may be one reason why many of the Psalms are ascribed to him, and he became considered their author.  Through the prophets, God promised that from his descendants would come a king whom God would choose and anoint as his son to establish his kingdom forever (II Sam 7:1-16; Is 7:10-16; 9:1-6; 11:1-10; Jer 23:5-6; Ez 37:23-27; Mic 5:1-3; Am 9:11-15; Zech 9:9-10), which was fulfilled in Jesus the Christ or Messiah (Matt 1:1, 20, 23; 2:6; 20:30-31; 21:5; Luke 1:32-33; 2:4; 3:31; Act 13:22-23)

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